Hostid and Hostname Help

This product is licensed via the popular license manager, FLEXnet. One of the steps in issuing you a license for this product requires the hostname and hostid for your license server. Getting that hostid and hostname may vary from system to system. The makers of FLEXnet suggest using the lmutil tool, "lmutil lmhostid", to look up a server hostid. Some alternate methods are described below.


Microsoft Windows



To determine your hostname, if your license server is a UNIX system, use the uname command, "uname -a", or hostname. If a license server and client are in different domains, use a fully-qualified hostname of the form

Microsoft Windows commands to determine your hostname include:

  • ipconfig /all (NT/2000)**

**If this does not work for you on NT, cd to winnt\system32 on the drive on which your system is installed and issue the ipconfig /all command there.

To learn about how FLEXnet licenses work, you can visit the website for Macrovision, the company that makes FLEXnet. Their website is

For more information on FLEXnet hostids for different platforms, please review the FLEXnet End User's Guide, in particular, Appendix A: Hostids for FLEXnet-Supported Machines.