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Finding your hostname

To determine your hostname, use the hostname command from a command prompt. This command will output the current hostname for your server. For example:

C:\> hostname

Finding your host ID

On Windows, the host ID is usually the Ethernet (MAC) address of the primary network card. For example, if your MAC address is 00-B0-A8-DF-9A-32 your host ID is 00B0A8DF9A32.

On Windows, you may also use the lmtools program to determine the host ID. It is shipped with GO-Global and can be run from C:\Program Files\GraphOn\GO-Global\Programs\lmtools.exe.

On UNIX, you can run the lmhostid program to determine the host ID. It is shipped with GO-Global for UNIX and can be run from ${GOGLOBAL_ROOT}/bin/lmhostid. Do not use the system hostid command, as this does not return the proper host ID.

On HP-UX systems, be sure to include the ID_STRING= portion of the host ID if present.