This service is intended to assist GraphOn end users in an emergency (e.g., a catastrophic server failure), or any urgent requirement where the immediate use of GO-Global is required on a server but an LCR (License Change Request) cannot be completed in time. Please do NOT use this service unless there is a valid emergency or urgent requirement.

How the system works:

  • The end user account must have at least one valid contact, with a valid email address, on record in the GraphOn license system.
  • The requestor must have one valid product code for the end user site, and that product code must be for a license on ACTIVE support. License support status can be checked online at License Lookup.
  • The end user contact will complete the form below to request the emergency license.
    • The service will validate the product code and end user email address
    • The service will calculate total concurrent user seats on active maintenance for the end user account.
    • The service will immediately email an Emergency license to the requestor email address. This license:
      • Is non-nodelocked and can be installed on ANY server(s)
      • has a duration of 5 days
      • Includes the TOTAL number of active seats for your end user account
    • The service will temporarily disable the Emergency license request service for the end user account.
    • The service will automatically open a support case with GraphOn support.
    • After the support case is resolved, GraphOn support will re-enable the Emergency License service for the end user account.

This service is monitored closely and any abuse may result in this service being disabled for the end user account and/or the end user contact.


  1. Complete the form below.
  2. Submit the form to request your emergency license.
  3. Receive your emergency license via e-mail.